The name "The Dharma Path" is inspired by the adventure we go on in order to bring forth the essential nature of who we truly are. Joseph Campbell said invitingly, "There is a track just waiting there for each of us, and once on it, doors will open that were not open before, and would not open for anyone else. Everything falls into its place and nature itself joins in to support the journey".


Anton Eastick


I grew up in Marrar, a farming community north of Wagga Wagga  in country NSW. After leaving school I spent five years on the family farm, then travelled Europe before studying computers at University. In 1991 I started meditation which led to yoga and finally India in 1995. Here more intensive meditation and yoga practice began and annual visits to India until 2007.


In meditation my core influences have come from Jaya, Gemma & Ajay of Open Dharma, Insight Meditation and Dzogchen. I've completed the Hakomi psychotherapy training, a Buddhist, Taoist based psychotherapy. In yoga Diane Long and Vijnana Yoga via Odelia Weinberg and Nitzan Peri have both offered gifts that continue to give. Dzogchen and Insight Meditation have been wonderfully helpful and rich teachings. Over the years I've also practiced Qigong, Voice Dialogue,  Integrated Awareness and completed initial leadership trainings with The Pathways to Manhood program.



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