Kind Words

Feedback from retreats

"I am full of admiration and gratitude for the unique and wonderful opportunity of this combined Insight meditation and Feldenkrais retreat..... Anton, thank you with the deepest sincerity for a profoundly moving introduction to Insight meditation"


"Thank you Anton for your generosity in sharing the teachings with us and for holding a safe and loving community" 


Dear Anton,

What a wonderful blessing to journey so deeply with you. Your kind and generous reflections provide wonderful stepping stones that will help pave a more loving path into my future. thank you, Nicole


Dear Anton, 

Thank-you for making this retreat happen. It is a huge gift. Immeasurable and life changing. with metta.... 



Feedback for Hakomi psychotherapy sessons

This work has been ground breaking....Going through all these excruciating feelings might be worth it after all! Thanks for believing in me Anton.



Dear Anton

I had inherited an old barn. Remember I told you about it? I knew it was disused, it had mess inside, I didn’t know what. I did not feel comfortable going to see it. I stayed away. I had it out of my mind. I was troubled by feelings of lack, of worthlessness; also agitation after my consultations.

Thank you for coming with me to have a look at it. We showed up, we looked around, we walked, we went around the back, we entered a space way beneath, we got lost at the darkest point, you encouraged me, I found a way inside, you were right by me. We shared stories, we laughed. I felt you were really with me, even as I felt worthless. We kept going.

In gratitude and Love



The barn of my heart
has creaky doors that bang shut and open with the wind the space is quite wide
up the back is density,
mass with roots like strings pulled toward
a knotted underground presence.
High up on the loft
dusty joy now rises
like mist to the sunlight streaming through cracks 



In my sessions with Anton I have been supported to gently and slowly explore a deeper sense of connection to my lived experience and a sense of the patterns that exist within my experience. This has been through an inquiry process, a subtle guiding and prompting, and a directing of my attention to hidden areas of relevance.

Our sessions have allowed me to engage in life with a renewed sense of awareness that feels like living in the world with a fresh set eyes and energy.



On the Mindfulness Training Course (MTC)

Re the MTC experience with you... It was a very positive experience and I'm glad I was able to do it with you because you are sensitve, you knew me already, you are willing to talk about any issues that arise and to go deeply into them and you are very generous with your time. I think your experience in a range of therapies and modalities means that you are able to talk to me on a variety of different channels. You are also very good at picking up on the small things and following them through, meaning that you are a good listener and you have the courage to go to places that need to be gone to!



Feedback from the India Tour

I travelled on Anton’s tour of North India in 2012 and found it a wonderful experience . One focus of the tour was spirituality and we had some great experiences with yoga, our own private puja on the banks of the Ganges, visits temples and shrines of various religions and the humbling experience of spending time with a Jain man. Our destinations were interesting, transport and accommodation well organised and appropriate and Anton handled everything with good grace and efficiency. Overall I found the trip very interesting and enjoyable as well as a deepening experience.

Rod Myer


Just wanted to say thank you again for the last few weeks - it has been an amazing trip. It's a struggle to find words but here's the unedited version: I didn't have much in the way of expectations but I came to india prepared to love it and I did. I feel very different for everything I have seen and experienced and think everything I learned will stay with me for a very long time. Your warm and supportive energy was beautiful to be around and great to travel with, it was really good getting to know you better








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